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Engagement & Program Management Portal

Understanding customer behaviour and having the ability to act on real-time data is the foundation of our engagement and program management portal. Our robust portal drives our clients’ success by putting the control in their hands. Grow your business through targeted marketing, guide customer behaviour with segmentation and personalization, manage digital content, view financial and loyalty reports, and address customer feedback - all through one simple-to-use tool.

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Provide Your Stakeholders the Access They Need & Want

No other platform addresses the needs of a franchise or corporate system like ours

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Marketing and engagement tools to drive traffic, and increase sales, frequency and loyalty

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Franchisee/operator access to menu management, and customer and transaction data

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Executive dashboards and reporting tools to monitor program success

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Self-Serve Native App & Web Content Management

Manage your program content in real-time with ease

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Easily edit, preview and publish content in real time

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Personalize your content to provide unique customer experiences

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Track how every customer interacts with your digital content

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Menu & Location Management

Update your menu and locations with ultimate flexibility

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Manage information across all locations or at the individual store level

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Revise menu categories, products, options, pricing, delivery zones and LTOs

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Conduct local store or brand-wide marketing through our geolocation tools

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Segmentation & Customer Data

Segmentation based on real-time customer data to precisely target and engage

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Mirror your existing segmentation or create customized segmentation

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Send promotions and offers brand-wide or to specific customer segments

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Target customers by location, product interests, average eater cheque and more

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Loyalty, Offers & Promotions

Drive your revenue and brand awareness through loyalty, offers and promotions

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Comprehensive and customized loyalty and offer configurations to support your strategies

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Flexibility to use points, credits, discounts, offers, tiers, contests and more

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Personalized offers and promotions for different customer segments

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Marketing Functionality

Influence customer behaviour through existing and new campaigns

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Create, manage and schedule targeted campaigns and offers

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Reach customers by segment through integrated push notifications, SMS and email

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Tie everything together through one easy-to-use, end-to-end interface

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Customer Feedback & Order Management

Truly understand customers’ satisfaction and keep them coming back for more

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Manage customer comments and ratings, and respond to feedback

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View customers’ order history, manage refunds and issue loyalty credits with ease

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Ensure customer satisfaction through responsive interactions

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Business Intelligence & AI Tools

Action-oriented, real-time results to drive revenue

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Increase sales through predictive ordering or AI driven upselling

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Analyze customer behaviour and take action using real-time data

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Leverage dashboards, reports, data and other tools to inform your strategies

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Financial Analytics & Control

Take the headache out of your financial processes with our configurable program metrics

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Export detailed app and web transaction reports to measure profitability

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Configure reports by order type, payment type and more

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Review location-based financial reporting

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